Untouched Side Hustles For 2023 ($350+ Per Day)

here are two side hustles that no one is talking about right now that can make you 325 or more per day they only take a couple hundred dollars to start and they require very little skill and I have a friend who’s done one of these who we’re going to talk to in a bit that was able to Parlay this cash into some life-changing money this right here is a cassette tape it’s how the majority of movies and media were consumed between the 1970s and 2000s but with how quickly technology changes they soon became obsolete now collecting dust and attics and basements across the world but these pieces of plastic are valuable whether they’re old shows or home movies just because people aren’t watching them it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to and this is where this side hustle begins someone looking to make extra cash can convert these VHS tapes over to digital media or DVDs.

or a fee and all it takes on average is two customers a day and you’ll earn 325 dollars a day by doing this and yes believe it or not not only do some people still watch DVDs people are paying big money for some DVDs online it’s not that this isn’t necessarily hard and that people don’t know how to do it although that may be the case sometimes more often than not it’s just a convenience issue which is how many service-based businesses operate to get started it’s relatively cheap and you don’t have to be tech savvy to do it all you’ll need to start is a laptop a camcorder a bundle of DVDs a media converter and a VHS player now the last VHS player was made in 2016 so these are classified as discontinued Electronics which means that the price of these May steadily increase over the coming years but you can still find them on eBay or Amazon from there you hook up your laptop to the converter plug the VHS in the cassette player click record on your computer and walk away making this an incredibly easy task my friend Corey who will be talking to here in a bit charged 25 dollars per tape and the average customer had eight tapes however there were several instances where some of his jobs were netting thousands of dollars which makes sense if you run into a family that had 50 plus tapes that they wanted converted this means that let’s say you spend 600 on Startup costs all you’ll need to do is find three people that want to do eight tapes at 20 25 dollars a tape and you’re already at break even and this could be done in the first couple of weeks and on top of that to make even more money he was offering to buy back some of his customers older electronics and then flipping those for a profit on eBay and on average this was netting him double or triple the customer’s original payment.

but you’re probably thinking well how are you going to find people that are interested in doing this well that’s going to be the easiest part using a few main techniques the first being is just ask people in your inner circle if they know anyone who might be interested and then offer them a referral or a payment if they refer anyone who actually does business with you so maybe you offer them a 20 referral bonus so if they refer you three people and those three people have eight tapes that means that they just made 100 bucks and you made 500 bucks but the real money will come in the next technique and that’s building Word of Mouth referrals so in that previous example you essentially paid a hundred dollars for three customers or 33 dollars per customer let’s say that customer just loves what you did and they refer you three more people that means that that 33 dollar person now really only cost you 11 to get but probably the most effective way if you really want to blow this up is by Cold approach and you can post your services on sites like Craigslist and next door or you could even take fifty dollars and put that into some type of flyer or business card and then start leaving them in people’s mailboxes or on people’s cars and if you do this enough you will get calls but let’s ask my friend Corey he did this side hustle for a couple of years in North Carolina until it really didn’t make sense for him to do anymore because of the opportunity cost on his time Corey on a scale of one to ten on the ways you’ve made money one being incredibly hard 10 being the easiest money you’ve ever made what would you rate this side hustle I would have to rate this sidehouse a lot of nine but why didn’t you give this a 10 what do you consider the hardest part of this side hustle that would stop someone from succeeding now the reason that this is just so easy at the end of the day is because it is a referral based business so the only reason anybody would not be successful in this business if they weren’t willing to put in the initial time up front to do some marketing to start generating some word of mouth but once you have that word of mouth out there once you have your name out in the community and once you’ve done a really good job servicing your first few customers.

you’ll start to see that you really don’t have to do much marketing anymore all of your additional customers are going to come in as referrals from Word of Mouth from your existing customers and what do you do now and how much revenue do you generate per year what I’ve done with this VHS to DVD and digital conversion business is I’ve actually taken the profit from that business and parlayed that into the seed money for brand rocket which is my Amazon wholesale business and so in the Amazon business we did just under 4.3 million in Revenue in 2022 and again that business was started for taking the profit from the VHS to DVD conversion business now this next set hustle is unique and something that I accidentally fell into that I’ve never heard anyone quite mention like it before you’ve probably heard about the side hustle where you find products on Amazon that have a lot of reviews you weave reviews for those products and in return you can get a free product to resell and there are even groups for this sometimes called feedback groups but there are two massive issues with this side hustle first it’s not scalable when taking on anything new whether it’s creating a business or starting a new side Hustle the first question you should always be asking is how scalable is this and this particular side hustle is not scalable because you only get one product per review but the bigger issue is that Amazon can see the buyer accounts that are continually doing this which will result in a buyer account suspension and I know this because this personally happened to me back in 2017 when I was doing this myself but there’s something you can do that can fix these issues that doesn’t involve Amazon at all last year I started on a mission to launch my own pet brand on Amazon and to do that I wanted to start testing the waters so I bought a hundred units of five different products two of those products sold very well two of the products sold okay but one product in particular this portable dog bowl was flagged by Amazon because it mirrored a design.

that was already on the market and that’s because when you’re are white labeling something which is where you add your brand to an already manufactured product you have to make sure that that design is not patented so that left me with 95 units of a portable dog bowl that I couldn’t sell however if I would have just bought them on branded and sold them the way they were I could sell them on eBay and that’s exactly what I did I went ahead and I removed all of my packaging and I listed them on eBay and the results blew me away I ended up not only selling them in a two-week time frame but I ended up making a substantial profit as well and here is the breakdown I was selling each dog bowl for 14 on eBay but I paid four dollars for each one eBay took a fee of two dollars and ten cents and then I had to pay 3.60 cents to ship them out but I still netted 4.30 which is a hundred percent ROI and if you weren’t familiar with bulk buying on e-commerce that’s a very high return and if you were to do this every month so you’d started with 200 and you were to double that up every month for one calendar year at the end of that calendar year you would have four hundred and nine thousand dollars but the question Still Remains how do you duplicate my mistake for repeatable scalable results you can start with just a couple hundred bucks in an ebay account and you can start finding items to flip and you don’t even need to be located in the US or have a substantial amount of room to make this happen first you’re going to head over to Amazon and literally type in anything but be broad so you could type in pet or Auto something very broad then what you’re going to do is you’re going to filter on the left hand side higher than four stars and the reason being is that if it has lower than four stars that means that that product is probably getting returned often and we don’t want to mess with products that are like that and then what you’re going to do is plug in between 15 and 20 on the min max column and this is going to give you everything that’s selling between these two prices that’s above four star rating and we’re using these price points because we’re going to be sourcing these products and if we were using higher price points it would require more Capital so if you have more Capital to spend you can definitely broaden these but in this example between 15 and 20 dollars and we’re going to be keeping track of all of the items that are single items so not in bundles they have a simple design so nothing that’s incredibly complex and relatively small.

so you’re going to be keeping track of all of those and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to head over to AliExpress or Alibaba now the goal here is we’re going to be looking for the exact item that’s selling well on Amazon I want the exact pictures and from there you’re going to ask them for a quote the reason why you want to ask them for a quote is usually the prices that are advertised aren’t accurate sometimes they don’t include shipping sometimes they’re cheaper than what it is that they’re advertising on the site as well and once you have the cost of that item now you can head over to eBay look up that exact same item and then calculate the profit from there now let’s say you’re not in the United States but you want to sell on the US eBay or let’s say that you don’t want to ship these out yourself or you don’t have a lot of space to store a couple boxes of products you can use a prep Center to do this for you I’ll leave a link down to a sheet below and you’ll want to factor in an additional dollar 50 per unit now at this point you may be thinking well why don’t you just drop ship these people drop ship things on eBay all the time from AliExpress or other retail websites and for a couple of reasons one reason being is that it’s against eBay’s terms of service to drop ship products from certain locations but the bigger issue is that even if it was allowed you have to put a five to seven day lead time on all of your products and a lot of people aren’t going to buy this whereas if you were to have these on hand and have a one to two day wait time it would increase your inventory turnover rate much quicker so the results you get from this if you were to do this over an expanded period of time could be a fraction of what they were if you were to just start with a couple hundred dollars and then roll the profits back into more inventory now odds are the example I gave of doubling your money over a year won’t go as smoothly because as they say More Money More Problems but I think this really does illustrate how quickly side hustles can scale if you reinvest back into the original side hustle and that’s exactly what me and Corey have done over the years .

that’s how how I went from talking about doing a hundred and fifty dollars a day on Amazon to sometimes doing twenty thousand dollars a day on Amazon now if you do want to learn more about this VHS side hustle directly from me and Corey we’re possibly looking at taking five to ten people and scaling them up to several Grand profit per month and Beyond and I’ll be conducting an interview with him here off of YouTube so if that is something you’re interested in sign up for the link below and you’ll get an email when that goes out in the coming weeks and there’s a bonus method that’s technically a side hustle of its own.

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