Lethal Tools That Generate +$400 Per Day With AI (Chat GPT)

here are four businesses and tools to Leverage The Power of chat GPT and AI technology that can make six figures or more per year all requiring less than two hundred dollars to start and with more tools and use cases popping up every single week artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever to create a cash generating machine overnight however don’t get left behind because the people that are learning how to leverage this technology are becoming absolutely lethal on the open market which is why opportunities like this won’t be around forever so today we’ll be covering four unique AI tools and how to really understand them so you can pair them with chat GPT to start making hundreds of dollars in income every single day and all of these require no skills so you could literally start these.

today and I’m saving my favorite one for last the first business is one of the most popular and highest paying businesses out there with some people on freelancing sites reporting making multiple six figures per year and one of the tools to do this was actually brought to my attention by a subscriber so I want to thank you Dale for hitting me up about this but it’s called mid-journey and it’s an AI powered system that creates images using the text to image model and the business we’re going to start with this is creating logos now mid-journey is currently in its beta phase but the way it works is like this once you sign up you can go into the Discord and then you can type in whatever you want into a section and from there it will print out four images for you now I was very specific and I put in this phrase right here and I got these four Images now there are multiple tools out there like this and I recommend becoming familiar with a few of them to have them in Your Arsenal if you are offering logo services to have a different style because each one is a little different but one of the reasons why I really like mid journey is because they have a paid plan for stealth images and here is why that’s important because when you’re working with clients and if someone’s paying you two to three hundred dollars for a logo you want to make sure that no one else has access to that and a lot of these other services mid Journeys based plan included it’s available for everyone to see but if you choose the stealth plan .

no one else can see that and it’s only 60 dollars a month but even with these tools how are you supposed to find clients for people that want to pay you well you can head over to Fiverr and upwork and post a description about yourself and this is where chat GPT comes into play and I asked chatgpt to write a good ad for logo design and this is what it came up with now the online marketplaces are great but another great place to start is to create a website and then start approaching Small Business Clubs in your area and just advertise your services letting them know that you create logos and what I would do is I would look at all of the logo services in my area and that would be offering cheaper Services than whatever it is that they offer I also want to clarify none of the tools in today’s videos are sponsored or even affiliate links these are just the tools I would use if I were to start these businesses and if there is one you want me to do more of a tutorial on let me know in the comments below the only thing I ask is that you hit the like button and if you do start one of these businesses email me at this email right here and I would love to feature you on the channel to talk about your progress the next tool we’re going to be using is steve.ai and this software has a lot of features but one that I want to highlight in particular is the text to video service meaning that it can take a written story .

and convert it to an animated format now this is a huge component for marketing right now whether you’re a small business trying to advertise something or you’re someone who makes videos trying to create a different style of content now this is something that I actually paid myself for a few months ago I paid 250 dollars for five videos and depending on the style of the video people are charging anywhere from forty dollars to 250 dollars per video and with chat GPT and steve.ai you’re going to be able to make these videos in a matter of minutes first you’re going to head over to chatgbt and grab your story so let’s say you found a client and they want you to write a story about a fish that got lost at sea you can ask chatgpt to write a story about a fish lost at sea and from there you can take that that story and then plug it into steve.ai and you could even take this one step further offering clients a video newsletter service and you could bundle that however you want but for 45 videos on steve.ai it only costs 60 dollars meaning that it’s only costing you a dollar Thirty per video but it doesn’t stop there starting in February YouTube rolls out its new monetization on YouTube shorts what you could do is you could take these animated stories and then voice over the story that was written and then upload those in short format form .

and I think this would especially be great if there was something that you were passionate about or that you already knew a lot about and I’m currently testing out a faceless YouTube channel now so if it goes well I’ll be sure to update you guys with the results the next business requires zero Capital to get started and the tool we’re going to be using is called book bowl and we’re going to be making Kindle Direct publishing books on Amazon but what does this exactly mean with Kindle Direct publishing you can now make books with zero upfront costs and they only get printed it after the customer already buys them this means that you can test out a bunch of books to see what sells and save thousands of dollars in the process and the way this is going to work is first we need to see what books are actually selling.

so what type of book are we going to make and book bolt helps us discover that so the goal is to find keywords for particular books that a lot of people are searching for and keywords are like the real estate of the internet for example if you wanted to open up a McDonald’s restaurant you wouldn’t put the McDonald’s on a street that no one’s visiting you want a street that a lot of people are already on and this is exactly how it is when making a book on book bolt because you don’t want to make a book in the category that no one is looking up at all but you also want to make sure that that real estate isn’t competitive either so we want to find books that are getting a lot of sales but aren’t too competitive so the first thing you’re going to do is go into the product Tab and just type in something big so I went ahead and I just typed in kids story and I saw a few different books come up all of the top books are making about five thousand dollars in Revenue meaning that they’re profiting about thirty five hundred dollars per month so now that we know what we’re looking for maybe we just want chat gbt to write a story about a talking truck who has some friends and they go on an adventure now the only thing you want to keep in mind here is the longer the story The more material that’s going to be needed to actually print that book when it sells so the fee would be higher and this is where we can take this even one step further so we can use some of those logo designs from earlier so let’s use a different one this time dale.ai and we can type in some text and it can give us the images so maybe we type in talking car with eyes like Pixar and now you can start designing your book using your images in story inside of book bolt Studio but you’re still going to need a book cover so you can go back to one of these Services you can type in book cover for insert whatever your story title is and then from there you can add that to your book and now you can list it on Amazon so this is going to be a numbers game so try to get as many books for sale as you can and just start seeing what’s selling because once you have three or four books that are selling two to three grand profit per month that’s the six figure per year business the last business and probably the most profitable on the list and the one that I personally know the most people doing is merged by Amazon or print on Demand with Etsy print on demand is where you work with these third-party companies in today’s example Amazon and Etsy and they provide all of the products socks cups shirts and pretty much anything you can think of and then you put on the logo or whatever design that you want and then once it sells it gets printed off to the customer for example.

if I go to Amazon and I type in funny dog shirt you’re going to see Pages upon pages of shirts with dogs on them now this person actually has a print on demand shirt for an actual dog and this shirt is doing 3 800 a month in Revenue now the reason why this is such a great business model is because you don’t have any upfront inventory costs which could be hundreds if not tens of thousands of dollars if you were to launch your own clothing line and that’s because products are created after a sale goes through but toughest part about a print-on-demand business is trying to figure out what sells the way it works is usually something like this first you pick a category or Niche and you try to test out as many different designs in that particular category so you may go to Fiverr and you may pay a hundred dollars for 20 designs meaning that you paid about five dollars for each design which doesn’t seem bad at first glance but out of those 20 designs only one or two may sell which means that if only two of those really sell well you’re actually paying fifty dollars for the two good designs and you keep doing that over and over again but this is no longer a hurdle .

because we can go back to any of those imagery tools and start creating designs for example if we go into Amazon and we type in funny cat shirt we can see that this meowdy shirt is doing 25 000 a month in Revenue so that might be a good place to start so let’s say we head back over to dale.ai and we type in funny cat design or funny cat astronaut we can get a bunch of different images and then and start testing those out on our shirts you could do Holiday Sports only limit here is your imagination so whereas before you would have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a handful of designs you can now get hundreds of designs for almost three.

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