The Easiest Side Hustles That Will ACTUALLY Make You Rich ($333/Day)

if we can make so much money doing it then why aren’t they doing it themselves something seems a little fishy but despite my suspicions I’m going to give 10 of the most popular side hustles on YouTube the best effort I can and if I can make $10,000 in a month time I will give away one of these money generating assets to someone in the comments who also likes this video okay so the first side hustles what if I told you that it were possible for you to make between $5 to $10,000 per day on YouTube without having to do much work at all by posting ambient video so it’s day one and I’m going to be making two faceless YouTube channels in the hopes of that one of these videos will get picked up by the YouTube algorithm and we can make some ad Revenue coming from these videos.

now I’m upping the stakes because we only have 30 days to do this so I’m going to be hiring the top freelancer online that helps with faceless YouTube editors so that way we’ll really know if this works or not and after meeting with him today this is the strategy we’re going to be starting two channels in the outer space Niche and the self-help Niche and I’m taking it even one step further and we’re buying these channels already monetized meaning that we don’t have to go through the Hoops that YouTube creates to monetize a YouTube channel so if a video takes off we’ll immediately get paid for it and currently I have 10 videos being made on each channel so let’s check back in a month’s time to see how this actually plays out it’s currently day two and we’re about to start our next side hustle Etsy Drop Shipping and the plan here is that we’re going to be using some copyright free images to put on shirts to sell on Etsy and then once those sell we’ll be using print on demand to have those shipped to the customer and the advantage here is that because we’re not buying the shirts in bulk we get to test out a bunch of different designs to see which one sell first to help us avoid losing a lot of money and scale this business up quicker now there seems to be a misunderstanding with some of us here on this YouTube channel some of you think that this is my only way of making money by making YouTube videos.

and I think that’s a fair assumption being that there are so many people who talk about making money on YouTube who actually aren’t making money that’s a fair assumption however if I were to just rely on what I was making on YouTube I really couldn’t live life as you can see this is how much ad Revenue I’ve made over the last year however the way I make most of my money is running other businesses mainly e-commerce and I’ve been selling online since 2010 and I’ve almost sold $9 million in Revenue collectively I say all of this because setting up an Etsy print on demand shop should be in my skill set I have the background so if there’s anyone who could do it I feel like it could be me so I’m commissioning some AI artwork right now and let’s check back in 30 days to see how our shop does it’s day number three and we’re starting side hustle number three Facebook Drop Shipping where we’ll be listing things on Facebook Marketplace found on eBay and Amazon similar to this Bob Ross plush and once they sell on Facebook Marketplace we get to keep the profit now this is something I’ve done in the past but I want to start a new store to see how this goes starting from scratch I’ve seen Facebook Marketplace stores start all over the place sometimes they take off really quickly and other times I’ve seen stores listed for months and they get no sale so I’m interested to see how this goes now this is the first side hustle where we’re going to have to spend money to make money however we only have to spend the money once something actually sells which is good so let’s check back in 30 days to see how much or if we even sold anything now I still have some time left today and I want to start the next side hustle which is setting up an AI Ad Agency now this is a really popular side hustle here on YouTube with some YouTube channels starting with Zero Subs and now they have over 100,000 subscribers just talking about this one business model now this is something that I’m really excited to try because it does seem like such an emerging industry with artificial int intelligence playing more of a role.

in business’s future day by day and what I’m going to try and do with my Ad Agency is try to find businesses in my local area that I can help automate their processes so save money as well as get leads in customers so help them make money at the same time so I created a website called mindful media and I’m going to be having someone overseas reach out to businesses in my area via cold messaging and Instagram ads my ticket price per business is $1,500 to start with 30 days worth of work and I’m using someone I found on online jobs another freelancing site to help me do all of this cold messaging so let’s check back on day 30 to see how this all goes it’s day number four and we’re going to be trying the next side hustle which will be testing websites that advertise that we can make money by doing different tasks and these tasks can range from reading books to translating English to even losing weight however I’ve done a video on these sites before and when testing these out with my team we could only get up to where we were making about $15 an hour doing these but that’s why today with the help of a few members of my team we’re going to test out around 10 different websites to see how much money can we actually make if any doing these websites and I am a bit skeptical and that’s exactly what we did over the next 3 days collectively me and my team put in about 20 hours across eight different sites which is just under about 3 hours per site and here were the top ones that I could talk about in this video there’s validately which is a site that pays you to take test on these which one of these.

we were able to make about $6 per hour and then another site we had luck with was a transcription website that I actually used here for YouTube and we were able to get a job for $15 for about an hour’s worth of work however only one person on the team actually landed a gig here resulting in an extra $55 to the added total the next side hustle is crypto passive income so if you’re new here I talk about investing in cryptocurrency and one of the things I do with the cryptocurrency that I invest in is I use use that crypto to make more passive income with crypto in summary this is how this works because cryptocurrency eliminates the middleman it requires individuals and businesses like us to interact with their networks which in turn help us make money and this interaction could be anything from lending other people crypto it could be hosting their Network so their Network can function and there’s several other ways you could make passive income with crypto but for this video I’m not going to be deploying any new money into this side hustle I currently have around $10,000 staked or set aside for making passive income with crypto and over the last 30 days I’ve made about $410 on that 10,000 bucks which was about 4% last month which is pretty good but it’s one of those things where it takes money to make money and there are ways you can make passive income with crypto using a lot less money getting higher returns but those higher Returns come with much more risk but one side hustle I’m really excited for to start today is something that I’ve actually done before several years ago.

I just don’t know how it’s going to hold up now and that is Retail Arbitrage okay so I’m here in the parking lot of the store that I’ve gone to in the past that I’ve had a lot of success with so let’s go ahead and see what I can find I’m going to be using a tool called seller amp to scan things to see what we can find profitability on and I’ll throw some screenshots up of what that looks like when I’m scanning in the store but let’s see what I can find here in Bargain Mart so after scanning for about 30 minutes I found a pet product I can make about $10 each on after shipping and prep which are important fees to calculate which is about $200 profit on $200 spend and this actually went so good I’m going to pay someone to start doing this for me in my area now I won’t be adding any more of the income total to this video but I think it’s definitely a viable way to make money if you’re in a populated area with discount stores so it’s the end of day number nine and the side hustle I focused on today was finding a new wholesale deal that I can buy and bulk to sell online so with retail ret Arbitrage what I did yesterday we went to the retail store to find discounts but today I’m trying to find someone that sells to the retail store and after sending a few messages in my network I was able to find a 200 unit order that I can spend $8,800 on that can bring me back about 4,000 bucks now there are two problems with this the first is is as you can see this isn’t a simple you can start with $0 it takes money to make money the second is is that this is kind of cheating this is a network that I’ve built up over the last 5 years the only reason I’m counting this is because one this is a new Amazon account and two this is a new wholesale order so this is brand new I started this today I just started asking around however this is going to be great to add to the total towards the end of the month and this leads me into the next side hustle which is flipping things from eBay to Amazon and all I’m going to be doing here is using this software called flip mine .

to find products that are cheaper on eBay that sell better on Amazon and I’ve tried this before in the past but I really want to see if I can build a system around this to see if we can make some money so I’m dedicating an entire day to building a system and let’s see what happens at the end of day 30 to see how much money I can actually make and that’s exactly what we did over the next 21 days I worked and tweaked on these different side hustles and here are the results okay guys it’s day 30 and the weight is over let’s see what the results are here it is so the two faceless YouTube channels we ended up posting eight videos to each one we made exactly $0 and honestly we actually even lost money because I had to pay $500 for these two already monetized YouTube channels so we’re actually in the whole netive 500 bucks so as this was advertis as an easy way to make $5,000 today it’s anything but that and keep in mind too is I already have experience here on YouTube I have six years of making videos and studying thumbnails I helped tweak their videos for better audience retention and thumbnails and it still didn’t work out next up our Etsy print on demand store how did that do well we set up a couple dozen designs we even ran $1 ads to the actual store and we made about $100 in sales so about five shirt sales but because of had the designs outsourced.

we actually lost another $100 on that too so we’re negative 600 bucks after those two side hustles now with the Facebook Drop Shipping Store we were actually able to get some traction on that one so over the last 25 days we’ve done $300 in profit and of that $300 in profit we had to spend $900 to get the 300 bucks so we made the $900 back plus $300 however I outsourced that as well of the $300 profit I had to give 25% of that to the person that I brought on so I only made 240 bucks to add to the total so this is something that I’ve made about $25,000 on over the last couple of years so I do want to give this store a shot I think 30 days is too quick to pull the curtain on but I do want to see how this goes but what about the AI Ad Agency that was one that I was really excited about so over the last 3 and 1/2 Weeks we’ve sent 500 cold messages and unfortunately over the last 3 weeks I didn’t get anyone to commit to this however I do think that this is something that I need to put more time into and something that I’m going to stick at so counting those income streams plus the ones that I already talked about were at $4,400 for the month but the last income stream is going to pick up some of the slack and that is selling from eBay to Amazon and doing that I was able to make an additional $4,700 over the last 30 days taking my total to just over $99,000 however I have some good news and I have some bad news bad news is is that if you can’t tell by now making money online is not easy and if there is a way of making money online without developing a skill set first it most likely won’t last long that also means means that if you took any of these and turned them into a six or seven figure business.

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