Easy Ways to Make $ in The Next 2 Months (Before 2024)

is it possible to make $84,000 in the next 2 months before the new year starts well in this video not only am I going to be showing you that it’s possible but I’m going to show you a stepbystep plan for doing this now if you’re new here my name is MTAR and I personally have a plan of making around $420,000 before the new year starts and I plan on doing this by using three specific money making methods these in my opinion are the absolute best ways of making money online now first things first there’s some good news and some bad news now the bad news is that the methods that I’m going to be getting into are Roi optimized for a longer time frame now what exactly does that mean it means that even though I’m going to be doing these money-making methods this year I did not necessarily set them up this year setting them up completely from scratch does take some time so don’t expect to be making $400,000 right away like I plan on doing right here the good news is that I’m going to be showing you exactly how to to set this up even if it’s from complete scratch so even if you make less money and I’m going to be showing you .

an example of how it’ be possible to make $84,000 you can set it up so it can continue to grow over time now quick disclaimer just because you watch this video I can’t guarantee you’ll make $84,000 but I’m going to show you exactly what I would do and the exact plan the way that I believe this is possible is by doing two things shrinking the time frame and maximizing Roi by putting in twice the work on the right methods and taking the right steps on those methods in order to get the results that you want and this is possible because I’m going to just straight up share with you what exactly to do and not to do so without wasting any more of your time let’s get straight into the plan money-making method number one is running faceless YouTube channels if you’ve watch this channel for a while you know I’m a huge fan of YouTube because it’s made me millions of dollars over the course of my nearly decade career on the platform and basically a faceless YouTube channel is a channel where you give some type of value and you don’t even necess necessarily have to show your face you can hire other people to make the videos for you you can make them yourself using specific tools which I can share with you and then you monetize that channel by putting ads directly on your channel where YouTube gives you some of the money from every impression on those ads now here’s how faceless YouTube channels relate specifically.

to my plan I’ve been slowly building up over a dozen different channels at this point over the course of 9 years and at this point I have thousands of videos uploaded across all of my different YouTube channels that are going to to continue to get views over the next couple months and continue to get ad revenue for me on autopilot and I’ve hired other people to help produce those videos for me Etc but if you’re just starting from scratch you can literally make the videos yourself using completely free software out there as long as you have a phone or a computer you can potentially get started doing this if you have a computer you can use free editing software like hit film Express open shot shot cut or iMovie if you’re on Mac and if you just want to use a phone you can use the power director app on your your phone and speaking of your phone you can also use it to record voiceovers directly no need to buy a fancy microphone now here’s how running faceless YouTube channels would relate to making $84,000 in the next 4 months before the new year begins let’s say somebody started a faceless YouTube channel in the AI tools Niche where they just go over different AI tools they could literally just use screen recording software like OBS to share different tools how to use them how to potentially use them maybe to make money and so forth let’s say they uploaded three videos per week for the remainder of this year and let’s say they got up a total of about 45 videos on their Channel let’s say that only a couple of those videos took off and they got a couple hundred th000 views this should be more than enough to first of all get their channel monetized so they’ll make some money from ad Revenue which is fantastic and let’s say they made a grand total of about $5,000 from ad revenue on their Channel and it’s just growing every single month so they set something up for themselves that’s going to continue making the money for years into the future .

because I like to look at YouTube as dig digital real estate where you upload the content once and it can continue to get views for you for years into the future and I still make money from videos that I uploaded when I was just 14 in high school and now it’s time to take things to the next level which is getting into method number two for making money online which is affiliate marketing that’s where you partner up with somebody else’s product promote it for them every sale that you refer every time someone clicks your link and then buys through it you get a commission from that some of the most popular affiliate networking websites out there include amazon.com where you can sign up promotee any of their products now I do not recommend focusing your efforts on being an Amazon affiliate while you could make some money potentially from that it’s going to be very low margins compared to the method that I’m about to share with you right here instead what I highly recommend focusing on is being an affiliate for either recurring software meaning software where people pay a monthly charge for or high ticket digital products which are typically courses so for the latter you can look at what websites like digistore24 or clickbank.com you can find tons of different courses to promote for example I have a course called tube master and monetization it’s up on digistore 24 people can literally go there click the link to promote it.

sign up for an account then just promote it like crazy out there on the internet and we’ve paid out over $600,000 to people who promoted my program as an affiliate and I give them 50% commissions but let’s go back to that example of somebody running that faceless YouTube channel within the AI tools Niche they’re talking about different AI tools tools wouldn’t it make sense to sign up as an affiliate for those tools of course it would and let’s say they found a monthly recurring software that costed $100 per month and they got a 50% commission from that software and think about this they got hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on their videos talking about all those different software doesn’t it make sense that they could convert a 100 people onto just one of the software that they promote and think about it they could be promoting multiple different software eventually they’ll probably even get sponsorships from certain software on their Channel as as well and that’ll be a whole another stream of Revenue that we’re not even going to get into right here but if they get 100 people paying $100 per month for a software that’s $10,000 per month gross right there but then they get their 50% commission from it so they’re making $5,000 per month right there that’s more than a full-time income for a lot of people in this world and that’s just from promoting one affiliate software and let’s say in total by.

the end of this year they make $7,000 promoting the software because it takes some time to set it up and it takes some time to start getting those sales but by the end of the year they’re making like $5,000 per month and they’ve made a total of 7 Grand so far for this example now let’s get into method number three for making money online which is the big one which is promoting your very own digital products and courses the beauty of living within a digital economy like we live in right now is that we can sell our knowledge online so if we know just 1% more than most people on a given subject we can package our knowledge in the form of a bunch of videos where we just literally record teaching that that subject and then sell that collection of videos over and over again this is how I’ve made over $5 million online myself and I plan to make millions of more dollars just by selling my very own courses that teach on subjects that I know about and just to show how powerful having a course or a digital product is I’ve had channels that get less views they have less subscribers than my huge Channels with millions of subscribers and getting tens of millions of views per month my channel is getting only a couple thousand views per month in some instances have been able to make more money per month just by selling a course from that channel so even if you don’t get millions of views you could potentially still make a lot of money and it all just comes down to Simple Math which we’re going to go over right now let’s say for that example of the person running the channel on AI software let’s say that they made an AI software course it literally just took a couple weeks and just made a step-by-step course on exactly how to use a couple software to do a specific goal let’s say making money online and let’s say they sold that course for $500 and think about it they’ve got hundreds of thousands of views on their videos does it make sense that they could potentially get 144 sales from hundreds of thousands of people that see that course absolutely I’ve done it before and I’ve even done it on channels like this channel you’re watching right now without even showing my face in the beginning and I got up to the point of making $27,000 per month so if they got 144 sales promoting their $500 course that’s $72,000 right there and if we add up all the totals right here that’s $72,000 selling their course $7,000 from promoting .

the affiliate software and then an extra $5,000 from YouTube ad Revenue that brings us to our grand total of $84,000 just in the next couple months now a huge disclaimer here this does take a lot of work to put all of this into place if you were to go out there and execute on this plan it is going to take work and no I can’t guarantee you’ll make $84,000 just from watching this video but what I can guarantee is that just by watching this video you are discovering in the same exact techniques that I’ve used and a lot of my successful students have used as well and the awesome thing about doing this is that this is just the beginning if you put in that work over those first couple months that’s the hardest point in this process like when I was starting my journey the hardest point was uploading those first videos on a channel cuz you don’t know if it’s going to succeed you don’t know if you’re going to be doing everything right.


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