Laziest Ways to Make Money Online With ChatGPT

one of the biggest revolutions happening right now it’s a strategy where you don’t even have to do all the work yourself all you have to do is make the right decisions like a CEO or manager and then sit back and watch the majority of the work be done for you now the true laziest way of making money online right now is by using artificial intelligence or Ai and one of the biggest AI tools that’s out there right now is chat GPT now if you’re not familiar with chat GPT it’s essentially an AI writing tool that has the capability to think and write similar to how a human would that essentially means you have a talented worker which in the past would have costed thousands of dollars per month to put on payroll for you at all hours of the day ready to produce for you in a matter of seconds whatever you want now what’s really surprising to me is that a lot of people might have heard about chat GPT but they’re not actually using it to make money online but if you’re watching this video right now you’re in the right place I’m going to give you nine different ways that you can use chat GPT to potentially make money online now I do have to give a little disclaimer even though these methods are what I would consider to be lazy or even fun at times they aren’t going to necessarily be quick meaning that you’re not going to make $500 overnight or even in a couple nights these are strategies that might take a couple months to start seeing results but trust me it’s so worth it and while I can’t guarantee these strategies will work for you what I can guarantee is that these are the same exact strategies that both myself and a lot of my successful students are now implementing into their businesses to make a lot of money so the first way of making money online with chat GPT is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing in my opinion is the laziest way of making money online and when you pair that with an incredibly lazy way of generating a lot of the content that’s required to do successful affiliate marketing it can just be a match made in Heaven affiliate marketing is a system of marketing where you advertise another company’s product and then you get paid a percentage of every single sale that you refer Now setting up your very own affiliate marketing system is pretty easy in the sense that you don’t have to go out there and create a product and create the whole infrastructure behind the back end of that product instead all you simply.

have to do is drive the traffic now I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your own system step by step one of the best ways of driving traffic is to have your very own website now the past when it came to making a website you’d have to hire a team of writers to make the content for you or spend all day and night writing the content yourself nowadays the hardest part that goes into running a website which is writing the content can be done for you by tools like chat GPT now the first step with doing this is to choose a niche a niche is an already established industry that has a lot of potential customers in it examples of different niches include Fitness Kitchen products shoes or other similar items that are out there say for example that I picked shoes so in order to implement this strategy I would create a blog around different shoes in order to create your blog there’s so many different platforms out there to choose from for example WordPress web flow and a myriad of different other ones and you can get set up with your very own blog literally within an hour or two but then once you have that Blog the way that we’re going to drive traffic to it and then eventually to affiliate products is by writing articles on some of the most searched questions and queries that people have related to your niche in this example we’re using shoes now most people when they’re looking for a pair of shoes to buy they’re going to be searching the pros and cons between different shoes and sometimes they’re looking for top 10 lists for example the top 10 best football shoes or the top 10 running shoes all these people not only are looking for the right shoe to buy but more importantly they’re looking for advice now here’s where chat GPT comes into making this incredibly easy and lazy for you what you can do is literally ask chat GPT give me 50 different ideas for articles for a shoe Blog then you’ll get those ideas I would recommend searching a a couple of them to make sure that there’s demand for those particular subjects now let’s say it gives you an idea to write about a particular shoe like a new balance 9.92 then all you have to do is plug into chat GPT write me a 2,000-word article of all the pros and cons the features and anything else that’s important about the New Balance 992 and chat jpt will literally write a complete article for you that then you can post on your website now prior to posting I do recommend running your article through a website called copyscape this just ensures that it’s 100% unique and you won’t face any copyright problems now you can go in and edit little parts or even better yet have chat jpt edit those parts for you if you do have any matches on copyright then the way that you’re going to make money doing this is throughout the article insert links to whatever shoes that you talked about for example those New Balance 992s you could sign up for the Amazon affiliate program find that particular shoe put the link throughout your website in the form of buttons and links and then when people click those links and buy the shoe boom you get a commission all you literally need to do this is maybe an hour to set up your website and less than an hour daily to write tons of content that you can just keep pushing out there now a quick bonus tip to make as much money as possible with affiliate marketing is to partner with a high payout partner product the bad thing about marketing things like shoes from places like the Amazon affiliate program is that you’re only going to be making a couple dollars per sale because they have to actually fulfill that order and there’s so many costs that goes into running Amazon whereas if you partner with a high payout partner product especially a digital product meaning that there’s no fulfillment fees whatsoever and the customer gets their product instantly these can be things like online courses or ebooks then the potential is there of making a lot of money for example I have my course in community tube Mastery monetization on the digistore 24 affiliate Network so when people sign up to that website to promote my course for $1,000 then they get $500 of each sale cuz we give them a 50% commission and to date we’ve paid out over $600,000 to Affiliates worldwide meth method number two for making money online with chat GPT is to run faceless YouTube channels now I have a student named Ki who actually does this and makes around $10,000 per month and his YouTube channel he never shows his face he never steps in front of a camera and he’s never even recorded his voice yet he’s making 10 grand a month now his channel makes a little bit of money from ad Revenue but the majority of income is from promoting affiliate products namely products like software which can be great especially if you get a monthly recurring commission off of that software as well as high ticket digital products like I mentioned earlier where you make $500 or more per sale and he’s actually an affiliate for my course so we pay him every single time he gets a sale for it and all he does on his channel is talk about the best software and tools in a particular Niche and how to use them correctly in order to accomplish certain things he scripts his videos mainly using chat GPT and he even uses other AI tools like 11 labs in order to do a voiceover on his his videos that sounds very human and he uses pictory for generating a lot of his videos using AI method number three is email writing every single company in the world that has an email list needs to send emails to that list in order to do things like give their customers value and eventually sell their customers their different products it’s a very timec consuming task to actually sit there and write emails yourself and schedule them out so a lot of companies go ahead and hire Freelancers in order to write these emails for them now think about the fact that you could have 20 different clients pain you $1,000 per month each to write a daily email for their brand promoting their products or anything else that they request and the brilliant thing is that you can use chat GPT to write these emails for you by just plugging in a prompt like write me a 500w email promoting my course and Community Tobe Mastery and monetization which teaches people how to make money online running faceless YouTube channels and chat GPT will literally write an entire email for you it’ll even give you subject lines that you can also use for your client emails and if you have 20 clients paying you a 1,000 bucks a month.

each that’s $20,000 per month and you literally just have to spend a couple hours per day or even better yet you could batch that time into a couple hours per week to write all of your emails for you that then you can give to your clients who pay you money you can literally create thousands of emails in the course of a couple hours by using this tool and let’s say one of your clients didn’t like a particular email that you gave them you can literally just go back to chat jpt and give them the same exact feedback that they gave you and you can say for example please re write this email but use more of a light and fun tone and it’ll literally do that for you now in order to sell your email Services what you can do is reach out to different clients and you can use chat GPT to write your emails for you for proposing to potential clients you can reach out to them on email Instagram DMS or anywhere else that they are online and you can also advertise your services on places like Fiverr or upor method number four of making money online using chat jpt is by running a Twitter account Twitter or as it’s called now X is a brand new way of making money online that not a lot of people are doing this is good news for you and me because we can then have an edge here’s how you do it step number one is to create an account on Twitter this can be related to any different Niche that’s out there but some of the best ones can include Fitness self-improvement history education finances or money or anything else that you’re interested in and a lot of other people are as well and that can be evidenced if you find accounts with over 100,000 followers that get a lot of likes on their posts here’s a few example accounts so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about these are examp examples of accounts that are faceless but they post a lot of interesting threads and content within their niches according to new policy Twitter is now paying creators anywhere from $100 to $110,000 per month and the way they’re able to do this is by collecting money from advertisers and then they give you some of that ad revenue and they say this is going to continue as X continues to grow so how do you do this without endless amounts of researching and posting content yourself well the answer is simple and that is by using chat GPT let’s make a Twitter account to together related to fashion for example so I can show you exactly how to potentially do this the first step is asking chat jpt to write me a thread on how to pick the right suit and boom literally within a couple seconds we have an entire thread that we can post on our Twitter account and for example I could tell chat PT to write me a tweet on bad fashion opinions or I can even tell chat BT write me a hundred different tweets about whatever subject we want related to fashion and the more you do this the more creative you’ll get and the more ideas you’ll get for prompts in order for chat jp2 to generate content for you and it’s 100% possible to grow on Twitter right now there’s all kinds of accounts that are growing from 0 to 5,000 followers literally within a month or a couple months just by posting daily content and you can literally do this within 20 to 30 minutes per day say you take 15 minutes to write new tweets and threads that you can post on your account and then 5 or 10 minutes of just randomly commenting on other big Pages within your Niche and people will then engage with you and you can gain followers as well once your page gets a lot of impress questions you’ll be eligible for that X Revenue share that being said I believe you can make a lot more money by doing things like affiliate marketing with your Twitter account by putting an affiliate link ideally to a high payout partner product that’s a digital product within the link in bio of your account method number five is translation services every single day there’s thousands of people who want to get content translated whether it be YouTube scripts blog articles or anything else and they go to platforms like upwork and Fiverr in order to hire people to do this for them now I personally am one of these clients who pays people to translate my videos into a variety of different languages namely the scripts from my videos and I pay people about $40 to $50 per 10minute video that they translate if you were to translate two videos per day boom that’s $100 per day by the rates that I gave you there’s a lot of clients and companies that pay a lot more for this as well all you do is take the content that your client gives you put it into chat GPT and ask it to translate it to whatever the desired language is and let’s say it’s a video that they want translated then all you have to do is go to for example if that video is on YouTube you can open up the transcript of that YouTube video directly on the platform paste that transcript into chat GPT it’ll translate it for you in literally just a minute method number six is being a resumé Creator a lot of people want to get their resumés made fast so they can get a job but not many people know how to do it how to format it correctly and everything that goes into it and I know at this point you’re probably asking Matt why wouldn’t these people just use chat gbt themselves to write their res am for them and the reason being is simple not many people know that chat GPT even exists or there’s literally companies paying people hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be what’s called an AI prompt writer and essentially that means you just need to know the right things to ask chat GPT to do the work for you and that’s essentially what you’re doing when you’re creating people’s resumés they’re basically hiring you to be one of those prompt writers now the average price for writing a resume on places like upwork is about $200 per resume boom you’re making $400 per day now here’s how to write a very impressive resume using just chat GPT the first tip is to give chat GPT as long and as detailed of a prompt as possible.

this means giving it as many specifics as possible so for example if a client comes to you and they say I have this experience working here this experience working here make sure to put all of that into the prompt that you give chat GPT and then tell chat GPT the tone of the resume that you want for example you can say make it professional make it engaging and then put in all of those specific details and then the second tip is to actually give chat GPT a specific template and then say model this res based off of this template you can literally just go to Google type in professional resumé templates find some of the best ones literally just copy paste those into chat GPT and then put in that whole long prompt along with that saying make it based off of this template put in all of these specifics and literally within seconds after doing that you’ll get a super detailed resume and as you can tell you’re not just limited to RS think about how many different types of templates and content and writing that you can potentially generate using tools like chat GPT and this can either be for other clients or even for yourself like for example let’s say you’re making an upwork account you can ask chat GPT to write your account details for you and you can write your very own resume in order to get clients yourself as well method number seven of making money online using chat GPT is to write product descriptions so there’s so many different e-commerce products out there whether it be Amazon list listings Shopify listings or anything else and they need descriptions for their products that describe exactly what they’re selling and all of the features that go along with that chat GPT will literally do the work of five different writers in less than half the time let’s say for example that I landed a client that wants me to write a product description for a particular perfume here’s the exact prompt that I would write write me a product description for a male perfume in less than 300 words the perfume has a citrusy fragrance that is perfect for for summer the bottle is Orange it’s very affordable make sure to keep the tone of this writing very sharp and luxurious and use unique words and evocative adjectives and as you can see chat BT will then write me an incredibly specific description based on exactly what I asked it to and the sky the limit here because based on the product you can even have it write more specific descriptions if you wanted and if you wrote 20 to 40 different product descriptions per day and remember you can sell a lot of these in bulk as well and they go from anywhere between five $15 per description boom that’s $200 to $500 per day method number eight is by creating digital products using chat GPT digital products are really trendy right now and these can be things like online courses ebooks guides and you can sell these products on places like digistore24 comom ClickBank and if we go to a Marketplace of people selling these products like for example gumroad you can see that.

people are selling everything from notion templates to photo presets to detailed guides on any subject that you can possibly think of and you can easily make your very own guide that can sell at all hours of the day no fulfillment cost required because it’s a digital product using chat GPT the best way to start your research is to go onto places like gumroad and see what people are selling and see how many reviews that a particular product has if it has over 1,000 reviews that tells you a lot of people are interested in this particular Niche and if you can find something that aligns with your own interest as well that’s even better and once you’ve researched that then it’s time to come up with a general design for your digital product you can ask yourself questions like how many sections should it be should it be on notion or notepad or should it just be a PDF file and then you can actually start writing the different sections of it an example of a digital product that sold a lot of copies is this one right here which is personalized meal plans for people and they charge $300 for this it’s simply a guide to plan your diet for optimal results as you can see when we look at this product it’s got 64 different ratings and if each person paid the $299 price that left a rating that means it’s made at least minimum $20,000 for this digital product alone and remember not everybody who buys actually ends up leaving a review and they even charge more if you want different extras added on to that so they’ve probably made anywhere from 20 to $50,000 from this product alone and as you can see there’s a whole description about the product and guess what you can use chat GPT to generate that for you and then when somebody buys this personalized meal plan you can use chat GPT to write them a personalized meal plan based on whatever they tell you about themselves and their goals for example let’s say someone’s a vegetarian and they want to lose weight and after they buy your digital product on gumroad you ask them a couple questions for example how old are you how tall are you how much do you weigh is there any considerations we should take into account and they’ll give you all of that information along with the fact maybe they’re vegetarian and then you can go in to Chach BT give it all of that information and their goals.

and then it’ll write a complete personalized meal plan for them then you can take this text paste it into a Google Document and then export that doc doucment as a PDF and boom give it to them boom you made $300 and given them a lot of value as well now that’s a personalized digital product but I would actually recommend doing one that could sell for anybody where you sell the same exact thing for example with my online course that teaches people how to grow on YouTube I sell that same exact course to multiple people and I don’t have to make it personalized for each of them but we go ahead and give them even more value by offering a Facebook group that goes with the online course so that we can answer any questions they have along the way as well and something that I see a lot of people doing who sell digital products on places like gumroad is they combine running a Twitter account with their gumroad digital product and they drive that Twitter traffic over to that product I’ve seen multiple people making tens of thousands of dollars per month doing exactly this plus if you want to take it to even the next level you could use faceless YouTube channels like we talked about earlier to drive a ton of traffic for you at all hours of the day and you can just rinse and repeat this process finding unique problems and challenges that people are having solving those creating digital products and using using chat gbt to Aid you in creating these products and then selling them giving value to people because remember the money you make is corresponded to the amount of value that you end up giving to the marketplace method number nine of making money with chat GPT is by being what’s called a prompt expert right now writing content is easy chat GPT has basically made it simple to write tons of content that being said now companies .

have an even bigger problem they don’t know what to write about they don’t know what to focus on chat GPT is absolutely incredible as we’ve gone over throughout this video but it does need a lot of Specific Instructions to feed it to get the right data back this has led to the birth of a brand new job which is known as a prompt expert companies need people to do research to know the exact prompts to give to tools like chat GPT so they can get the best results if you do any of these methods that we went over throughout this video you’re going to eventually get better and better at giving chat GPT the right prompts and you’ll get more creative with this process and if you do this for just one hour a day for a few weeks your skills will improve dramatically and you’ll be what I would consider a prompt expert now how can you take this to your advantage and make money from this well for example you can actually sell what are known as chat GPT prompts on places like gumroad or other places where you can sell affiliate products and people can buy these so they know exactly what to ask chat GPT themselves and also there’s literally companies hiring for this exact position of a prompt writer and I think even more companies are going to need this in the future as time goes on because as you solve one problem more problems are created and this creates whole new opportunities with the internet and chat GPT in particular and there’s prompt experts also known as prompt Engineers who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year .

doing this the best way to do this is to start with any of the methods that we went over throughout this video and this will help you build your skills and it’ll also be great for your own resume if you ever wanted to get a job related to this now if I had to pick a best method out of all all of these for making money online with chat GPT it would be to combine affiliate marketing with a high payout partner product with running faceless YouTube channels or even YouTube channels where you do show your face like I’m doing right here with my personal Channel I run faceless channels and my own personal Channel very successfully and if you combine these two lazy methods together it’s like a match made in heaven and you can potentially make a lot of money if you’re new here welcome my name is Matt and my whole channel here is dedicated to helping you make more money with less work by doing smart work that can yield huge results over time.

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